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Safety Connect

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Safety connect - for loved ones

The invention Safety Connect is aimed for the safety of the children and certain patients. Children of small age and children with special needs get separated from their parents and guardians in large gatherings like mega events, marriages, fair, shopping malls, parks etc. Also, certain sets of patients tend to forget their way and are lost. Our product will help such people to minimize the loss and enhance the safety. Also, this will help the parents to keep a track of the child going alone to play in the park, going for tuitions, hobby classes etc.

Today if the Person is lost in a large gathering, we do not have any way to accurately spot the person. We have to depend on the public address system at the lost and found point. We request the general public to help in the search of the separated person. This is the biggest limitation as of now.

In fact, there is no technology in use in this field.

In an event of separation of a person we have to do manual work to trace the person. Our invention will help in locating the separated person accurately and within a very short span of time.

A smart and light weight independent real time positioning system for all time and location tracking. This device logs the most accurate time and location based on GSM, GPRS and triangulate Technology

When our loved ones move out of home for work or necessities we are worried for their safety. As of now we do not have a technology to monitor how are our loved ones and in the time of distress

  • 1Where to reach?
  • 2What path should I take to reach the spot?
  • 3How much time will it take reach for help ?

Safety connect is the answer to it.

Even if you are not continuously monitoring your loved ones you will get an alert on your mobile. you can immediately find where your loved one is, how much time it will require to reach the spot & what path should it follow to reach.

safety connect helps in the safety enhancement to minimize the human loss in terms of the separation with loved ones. In fact, no technology is in use in this field as of now is the biggest limitation. In an event of separation of a person we have to do manual work to trace the person. Our invention safety connect will help in locating the separated person accurately and within a very short span of time.

  • 1Real time Satellite location updates
  • 2Location update frequency selection
  • 3Timestamp with position and path location
  • 4Accurate path tracing
  • 5Robust and light weight device
  • 6No harmful radiations
  • 7Rechargeable battery with wireless charging
  • 8Up to 20 hours battery backup
  • 9SOS button
  • 10Water proof
  • 11Works in the entire country. A person sitting in another can track their loved ones situated in another city.
  • 12Shows the path and estimated time to reach a tracked Person in SOS conditions.
  • 1Last Fifteen days of travel log
  • 2Individual tracking and metrics display
  • 3User restrictions as per customization
  • 4Path detection and geo fencing for discipline management
  • 1Accurate readings of all devices at all times
  • 299.9% accuracy in location and path traced
  • 3No additional physical infrastructure required
  • 4Reusable solution with wireless charging devices
  • 5Low maintenance

Product researched, Designed and made in india

Advantages over known alternatives:

There are significant advantages over the known alternatives:

Key Features Summarize :

Following are the key features which make ‘Safety Connect’ an ideal choice for the safety monitoring of your loved ones.

Technical Details

Item Configuration
Battery 1000 mAh, 3.3V/ 7 Amp
GPS On-board; coupled with Microcontroller
GSM 2G/3G enabled
Antenna Cellular IoT Micro Antenna
SIM card Micro SIM
Battery Charging Wire less charging
Item Configuration
Cloud Server Amazon Web Server (AWS):
Software Application Android
Platform used and version As per AWS services.
Firewell Protection Yes
Data transmission rate (f) 2 min ≤ f ≤ user defined
Back-end System
Item Configuration
Current User Handling Capacity 5,00,000 simultaneous users
Scalability Additional 1,50,000 per month
Support 24x7 online support
Tracking Center (Control Room) 24x7 support

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