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Child Safety & Safety of Personals

The job of protecting kids most often falls to parents and caregivers, and it is up to them to familiarize themselves with safety risks in and around their homes and communities. Once you know the risks, you can take steps to plan for safety.

It is Important to teach your children Safety Rules But it is also important to monitor the safety of our kids

Safety outdoors

Playgrounds big shopping malls, gardens, fairs etc are a place for fun. Parents can take the hurt out of the equation by familiarizing themselves with safety risks and continuously have a monitoring on the child activities

Staying Safe Outdoors

Osilar offers help to you and your family for your kids to stay safe outdoors. Whether the weather is warm, rainy or cold, you don’t want to put an end to the fun .

We believe in innovation. We have two products for commercial launch. Both the products are patent applied.

1. Safety Connect:

The invention Safety Connect is aimed for the safety of the children and certain patients. Children of small age and children with special needs get separated from their parents and guardians in large gatherings like mega events, marriages, fair, shopping malls, parks etc. Also, certain sets of patients tend to forget their way and are lost. Our product will help such people to minimize the loss and enhance the safety. Also, this will help the parents to keep a track of the child going alone to play in the park, going for tuitions, hobby classes etc.

Today if the Person is lost in a large gathering, we do not have any way to accurately spot the person. We have to depend on the public address system at the lost and found point. We request the general public to help in the search of the separated person. This is the biggest limitation as of now.

In fact, there is no technology in use in this field.

In an event of separation of a person we have to do manual work to trace the person. Our invention will help in locating the separated person accurately and within a very short span of time.

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Product 2:

Due to large size of the firefighting equipment and inability to cover fire from all the directions are not quite effective in extinguishing or suppressing the fires - especially medium to large scale fires. In addition, such firefighting devices are not capable to access places where human intervention is hazardous. Further, such firefighting equipment are capable only to control external fire and do not have control over the internal fire occurs inside the plants, building, or houses. Therefore, there is a need for an efficient and effective fire extinguishing system that can overcome aforementioned challenges in the art.

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